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We offer onsite and offsite mentoring services, on just about every technology in use in the modern enterprise (.NET, Java, XML/Web services), as well as agile development practices.

Get started in the smartest, most practical, most "Pragmatic" way. Let our network of experts answer your questions on the spot. Spend a day, a week or only the time you need with our experts.

We can help make your next project a success by providing guidance on all aspects of .NET, Java and/or XML/Web services architecture and coding. Let our team mind-meld with your team to produce outstanding results.

Contact us for specific information on how we can work with you.

Neward & Associates mentors will save you countless hours while delivering better software.

Typical mentoring experiences last a couple of days. Here are three common scenarios:

1. Solution-focused Scenario (supporting an existing project):
  • Meet with developers to assess skill set
  • Create and present customized training to fill voids in developer skill set
  • Review current projects and work hand in hand with developers to solve issues

2. Pilot Project Scenario (developing a new project):
  • Review organization architecture and infrastructure
  • Identify projects that are good candidates for pilot
  • Assist in design decisions
  • Create customized training developers needs for pilot project
  • Answer questions and issues as project proceeds

3. Process-focused Scenario (migrating to agile development):
  • Meet with developers to assess skill set and next-phase project goals
  • Identify projects that are good candidates for transition
  • Create and present customized training to fill voids in developer and project management skills
  • Answer questions and issues as project proceeds

Mentoring services can cover:
  • Systems and Enterprise Architecture
  • Architecture - look at the big picture, how will it all fit together
  • Application Design issues - what is the best approach to a solution
  • Technology strategy - make the best use of the chosen tools/technologies
  • Deployment - rolling it out in your environment, minimizing pain

Developer Assistance
  • "How-to" questions, complete with under-the-hood explanations
  • 3rd Party tool review, including commercial and open-source packages
  • User Interface, focused on both maintainability and end-user acceptance
  • Foster code quality

Code Review
  • Readability
  • Maintainability
  • Comments
  • Performance

Is there another topic of particular interest to you? .NET, Java, and XML/Web services are all broad topics in of themselves, and it would take many pages to cover the possibilities. If you have questions about an area we don't specifically mention, please contact us. If there’s a technology you’ve heard something about but don’t have the time to consider if or how you might use it, contact us —we also conduct research projects on behalf of companies, producing prototypes and analyzing its potential benefits and drawbacks to a particular organization.

We look forward to partnering with you to realize the potential that your software team holds. Count on us to be flexible and resourceful, with a can-do attitude with a realistic eye and an honest, forthright style.

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