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Heard a lot recently about a particular tool, approach, or technology that seems to hold a lot of promise? Reluctant to adopt something for fear of getting burned? Just want to know what’s in the pipeline from Microsoft, Sun, Oracle or IBM, and want to know how it might affect your development team’s bottom line?

Neward & Associates researchers can save your team time and money by taking what they know of the tools and technologies in the industry, and either applying those tools and technologies to your project, or explaining them and working with you to decide when, where and how they can best be piloted within your organization.

If you’ve ever asked yourself:
  • “What is XQuery? How will it affect how my data resides in my database, and will I have to go and rewrite all of my SQL queries?”
  • “Rails seems to offer so much productivity gain, but I have no idea where to use it without potentially jeopardizing our company-wide J2EE standard.”
  • “What is LINQ, and should I care about it?”
  • “Windows Communication Framework, COM+, Web services, what exactly do I use in my middle-tier?”
  • “Tapestry, WebWork, JSF, help!”
  • “What’s the payoff and drawbacks to implementing an Object/Relational tool? Would adopting it make our lives easier, or harder?”
  • “What are ‘business objects’, anyway?”
  • “Do we need web services?”
  • “What’s a ‘rule engine’?”
  • “Isn’t there some way we can save our developers some time?”
  • “Why is it that we never seem to have time to do it right?”
  • “Does the release of Windows Presentation Foundation mean I have to throw away all my old WinForms code?”
  • “What’s going on with all the interest in these ‘dynamic languages’? Is my existing code about to be made obsolete?”
  • “What’s a service, and why is everybody talking about them?”
  • “What is XJ, C-omega, Scala, AspectJ, Javassist, F#, Jscript.NET, Detours, Fugue, Spec#, Groovy, (and more), and why do I care?”

    … then contact us, and let our Neward & Associates’ researchers work with your team, your projects and your plans for the future to figure out the answers to these, and other, questions. Let us do the hard work, while you reap the benefits of what we discover.

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